Automotive Visualisation with VRay for C4D

* Project files are included
** Suitable for Cinema 4D R14 or higher with Vray for C4D v1.8/1.9


MP4 VIDEO: 1276 X 792 | MP3: 160Kbps

In this course we will cover everything you need to know to create realistic and compelling automotive renders using the power of VRay inside Cinema 4D. We will cover in-depth such topics as VRay's carpaint shader, how to create a realistic tyre and alloy, camera angles, focal length and framing, before moving on to create a number of lighting setups such as a dark studio environment, a white studio and we will finish with a comprehensive overview of HDRI lighting coupled with backplate compositing. These techniques will provide you with the capability to produce convincing automotive 3D imagery.

All necessary scene files are included in the training which will allow for a greater understanding of the process and implementation of the techniques covered.

LESSON OUTLINE: 6 chapters | DURATION: 5 hours

  1. Intro
  2. Exploring The Carpaint Shader
  3. Creating A Realistic Tyre And Alloy
  4. The White Studio
  5. The Black Studio
  6. HDRI & Backplate Compositing