C4D VRay Animation - From the Ground Up

* Project files are included
* Suitable for Cinema 4D R12 or higher


MP4 VIDEO: 1276 X 756 | MP3: 160Kbps | 3.5Gb

In this latest VRay for Cinema 4D course you will be navigated through the seemingly complex art of VRay animation. For over three hours you will be shown how to produce faultless, flicker-free animations over a variety of projects: from camera and object animation through to elaborate techniques for fabric, foliage, depth of field, lighting and even Quicktime VR.

An extensive overview of optimisation and a comparison of Quality vs Speed is included to enable you to approach any VRay animation project with confidence.

LESSON OUTLINE: 13 chapters | DURATION: 3 hours

  1. Intro
  2. Camera Animation
  3. Object Animation - Method 1
  4. Object Animation - Alternatives
  5. Animated Lights
  6. Sun Animation
  7. Fabric Animation
  1. Foliage Animation
  2. Depth Of Field
  3. QuickTime VR
  4. Quality Adjustments For Optimal Speed
  5. Optimizing Your Scene
  6. Outro