C4D V-Ray Exteriors - From the Ground Up

* Project files are included
* Suitable for Cinema 4D R12 or higher


FLV VIDEO: 1160 X 840 | MP3: 128KBPS | 3.7GB

In this V-Ray for C4D course you will be guided through the process of creating a highly realistic exterior scene. The course covers a myriad of subjects including the explanation of V-Ray's GI, the flexibility of Colour Mapping, extensive coverage of materials and foliage as well as explanations of antialiasing and using the Irradiance Map in combination with the Light Cache. Scene creation relies wholly on build-in C4D assets and also explores a number of freely available plug-ins and resources that can help in taking your scenes to the next level.

The course culminates in adjusting our scene from daylight to evening and includes post processing techniques in both Adobe Photoshop and Magic Bullet Looks. Camera animation completes the course.

LESSON OUTLINE: 14 chapters | DURATION: 6 hours

  1. Intro
  2. Scene overview & basic GI
  3. Colour mapping techniques
  4. V-Ray advanced material
  5. Building materials
  6. Adding grass
  7. Bringing in additional elements
  8. Utilizing Ivygrower
  1. Antialiasing & the DMC Sampler
  2. Combining the irradiance map and
    the light cache
  3. Output & colour adjustments
  4. Turning day into night
  5. Animating our camera
  6. Outro