C4D V-Ray Interiors - From the Ground Up

* Project files are included
* Suitable for Cinema 4D v11.5 or higher


FLV VIDEO: 1160 X 840 | MP3: 128Kbps | 5Gb

Aimed at beginner to intermediate users this course will go through the entire process of creating a highly realistic interior scene using Cinema 4D and VRay. We will model the environment, furniture and accessories and then move on to exploring materials, light and camera parameters, colour mapping, VRay's various GI engines, its Image Sampler and antialiasing techniques, as well as IES lights, HDRI and Depth of Field. We will finish up by taking our final image into Photoshop for some post production techniques. The tutorial culminates in the exploration of other lighting methods including the creation of an alternative evening mood.

LESSON OUTLINE: 29 lessons | DURATION: 9 hours

  1. Intro
  2. Modelling the room
  3. Creating the skirting board
  4. Modelling the window frame
  5. Modelling the sofa - part 1
  6. Modelling the sofa - part 2
  7. Modelling the Arco lamp
  8. Adding furniture
  9. Making the coffee table
  10. Adding cushions
  11. Creating the TV
  12. Light adjustments
  13. Sun parameters & basic GI
  14. Physical camera attributes
  15. Colour Mapping & LWF
  1. Exploring materials
  2. Creating the rug - two methods
  3. Accessories
  4. Mastering the Image Sampler
  5. Using the DMC Sampler
  6. Building the pendant light & final materials
  7. GI & The Irradiance Map
  8. Exploring Brute Force & Light Cache
  9. Final considerations & output
  10. Post Production
  11. Depth of Field - two methods
  12. Creating an evening mood
  13. Alternative lighting with HDRI
  14. Outro